InterPMS (Property Management System) is a hotel management program.
It utilizes the faster and more innovative cloud-based system, which enables quick and easy asset, mileage, and point management.


InterPMS is available for hotels, motels, and ryokans (Japan).
There are currently hotels in Jeju and Gangwon-do that have implemented InterPMS.
The introduction of InterPMS can improve operational efficiency and work productivity to provide excellent customer service and experience.
It also reduces the initial software and hardware costs, through our collaboration with TL-Lincoln (hotel channel manager),
and reduces unnecessarily complex technology, program, or systems.

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Easily accessible.

Manage your property and assets, and respond to customers at anytime and anywhere, without installing complicated programs.

Integrated channel management

Online reservations from various channels can be integrated and managed through the CMS (Channel Management System). And It is easy to manage sales such as checking inventory status and checking possible rates.

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Users can configure and name functions accordingly, and the intuitive UI requires little to no training to use. InterPMS is comprised of frequently used functions (e.g., check-in/check-out, housekeeping-services, hotel back office systems, etc.) which can reduce work complexity and maximize operational efficiency and productivity.

Practical data management.

Use the essential reports (e.g., daily sales performance, deferred payment summary, etc.) to analyze and improve business.

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